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Two-Way Radio Selection Guide

Posted by Amy Cavaliere on Wed, Aug 11, 2010 @ 12:08 PM

Selecting the right two-way radio for your business is important.  The features available can help ease your job and streamline your business.  Before you can choose the correct radio to suit your needs, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

1- How many users and channels do you need?motorola two way radios

The number of users that will be operating on the radio system will help determine the number of channels necessary for your organization.  For instance, if you have 5 people in maintenance and 12 in security you may want to have a maintenance channel and a security channel. If two of those users in security need to be able to speak privately then you can add a third channel as well.

2- What frequency band should you operate on?

There are three different frequency bands that are commonly used for communications.  VHF which stands for "Very High Frequency" 136-174 MHz is better suited for outdoor applications without much interference.  These frequencies will communicate a further distance.  UHF ("Ultra High Frequency") 403-512 MHz work better with indoor applications in which there may be some obstructions.  The 800/900 MHz band is generally used for trunking two-way radio system.

3- What features are necessary for your organization?

This can vary from safety features like intrinsically safe to telephone interconnect of even integrated data applications. 

Motorola has designed a spectacular radio selection guide to help you see what is available and what different terms mean.  You can download this guide here.  Also, don't be afraid to ask your local radio rep.  They are able to assist you in the selection of the proper radios for your operation.  They will help you evaluate your needs and decide which frequency band, how many channels and what features are necessary for you to operate at peak performance.

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Five Ways to Use Radio Communications to Increase Hospitality

Posted by Amy Cavaliere on Mon, Aug 9, 2010 @ 14:08 PM

Being able to differentiate your hospitality services from the next guy is half the battle in securing leisure and business travel dollars.  Using exceptional service is a big way to do this.  Below is a list of five ways to use your communications to increase your hospitality efficiency.Two Way Radio with Earpiece

1- Communications without disturbing guests

There are many areas of your facility in which radio chatter can disturb your guests.  They don't want to hear that Room 2102 has a clogged toilet while they are relaxing at the pool or having a snack in your lounge.  There are many discreet communication alternatives that will not only decrease the chatter but also increase response time.  Various earpieces, headsets and surveillance kits can achieve this.  Each worker can have the accessory that best suits their job.  Some two-way radios now come equipped with text messaging capabilities and also enable data applications such as work ticket management that would operate right on the radio.  The Motorola MotoTRBO radio is perfect for this.

2- Enhanced Battery Life

By using batteries equipped with advanced TDMA digital technology you can operate up to 40% longer between recharges than the typical analog radio.  This will give you the confidence that your radios will last through lengthy work shifts.

3- Location Software

Using location software to enhance security and speed operations.  Integrates GPS within two-way radios will help monitor your staff.  Knowing where the closest worker is will allow you to handle emergencies quickly and efficiently.  This will save repair time and being able to dispatch security quickly will maximize both guest and personnel safety.

Radio Communication Hands Free Operation4- Hands Free Operation

Two -way radios have a plethora of accessories available today.  By combining a nylon case with swivel belt clip with a lightweight headset, you allow your employee to concentrate on their task at hand and not their radio.  This will also decrease the chance of an employee losing their radio.  We all know how easy it is to put something down, get involved, forget about it and walk away never remembering where you left it.

5- Expanded System Capacity

The digital technology of the MotoTRBO system allows you to double the capacity available compared to analog radios.  This gives you the ability to send and receive large amounts of voice and data communications or connect to a large staff.

By using the above tips with regards to your radio communications system, you will increase your customer service, improve your efficiency and save money.

For an example of how one resort uses Motorola's MotoTRBO system to optimize their guest's experience, download this case study.  How do you increase your guest's experience  through your communications system?  We want to know.  Post a comment and fill us in.

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