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eCitations: Increase safety, productivity and revenue

Posted by Amy Cavaliere on Tue, Oct 19, 2010 @ 12:10 PM

eCitations is becoming increasingly popular with police departments around the county.  By automating the ticket writing process, departments are able to create higher revenues, increase productivity and increase officer safety.

How eCitations works:

By using a device such as Motorola's MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant an officer has, in the field, everything they need to process a citation in real-time.  They scan the bar code on a drivers license and all the recipients information is auto populated.  A real-time wireless connection allows the officer to connect to the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify the information including the photo of the citizen.  They are also able to connect to National Criminal databases which would allow them to check if the vehicle has been reported stolen, if there are any arrest warrants for the citizen etc.  When the form is completed, the citizen signs the screen which provides proof of receipt.  If the department adds wireless printers, the citation can be printed on the spot and a copy handed to the recipient.

Benefits of eCitations:

Increased Productivity - with less time spent on each citation, the officer is able to cite more violations in the same time frame as previous

Increased Data Accuracy- Because of the automated process, illegible handwriting, missing information and incorrect information will be alleviated.  This will allow for less tickets to be thrown out

Increased Revenue - With more citations being accurate the revenue from the fines will increase

Reduced Costs- The eCitation process saves time which saves money.  It also allows for a decrease in administrative tasks required to process each violation

Increased Officer Safety - The process of citing a violation is simplified and requires less time spent.  This reduces the amount of time an officer is required to stand on the side of the road.  Most officer deaths in the line of duty stem from roadside accidents while citing violations. 

Increased Community Service - Because of the decrease in time spent writing citations, officers have more time to patrol the community increase the safety of the citizens.

Telecom Communications in conjunction with Motorola will be holding a seminar on Friday October 29, 2010 in which eCitations will be a topic of discussion.  For more information or to register for the event Click here

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