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Property Management: MotoTRBO Digital Radios and Increased Efficiency

Posted by Amy Cavaliere on Mon, Jun 27, 2011 @ 12:06 PM
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The advent of digital radios has opened the world of property management to new ways to increase operational efficiency and decrease operational costs which leads to greater profitability.  You may be wondering how a two-way radio can do all that.  Isn't it just voice communications?  The answer is a resounding NO.  While digital radios do have voice communications, there are a whole myriad of other features available.

Digital radios, such as Motorola's MotoTRBO, can increase the efficiency of your work teams.  Think of it like this.  You have an engineering staff of three people.  Your MotoTRBO radios have been set up to work with an automated work order application.  Bob is in the basement inventorying supplies, Doug is out to lunch and Joe Super is in apartment 3B working with Mr. Tenant on a plumbing issue.  He realizes he needs a washer that he doesn't have on him to complete the job.  Rather than Joe Super having to leave the apartment, go to the basement, dig out the washer and head back to the apartment, all the while trying not to run into another tenant who may have an issue, he can send a text message down to Bob in the basement.  Bob can run the part up to 3B and Joe Super never needs to stop working on the issue.  While this is going on, Mrs. Smith in 12C is having a problem with her broken air conditioning unit.  The work order can automatically be sent to Joe Super which would allow him to get the message while still working in 3B.  This creates a better response time to 12C as he doesn't have to wait to finish the current job, complete the paperwork and head back to the office all before ever even knowing of the call.  This system also allows Joe Super to respond and update the status of the job with the click of a button.

Following the same scenario, management would also have the ability to track the service calls that come in, whether it is billable etc. This will decrease wasted time by employees and can help with tenant complaints of response time.  Remember Mrs. Smith in 12C?  Well when she calls to complain that it took 3 hours for someone to respond, the application on the MotoTRBO radio can show that a technician received the work order and responded within 30 minutes.

This is just one example of how Motorola MotoTRBO radios can assist property management companies.  They can also decrease operating costs.  Since there are no monthly charges or per call fees like your current cell phones or PDA's this can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.  Also, these radios are equipped with integrated voice and data capabilities which allow users to talk, text and manage work orders all from a single unit.  And their batteries operate 40% longer between charges that the typical analog radio.

Happy tenants = happy owners.  These digital radios will help you work towards that utopia.  Have you tried these radios?  How have they helped your building?

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